Soup, sandwich and fries

 329 rub.

Salad and soup

 329 rub.

Soup and a main cours

 379 rub.

Salad and a main cours

 399 rub.
  • Cream soup with forest mushrooms180 ml
  • Black beens soup180 ml
  • Soup of the day180 ml
  • Zucchini and chicken salad280 g
  • Salad Nicoise250 g
  • «Caesar» salad with chicken200 g
  • Roastbeef salad200 g
  • Chineese chicken noodles300 g
  • Beef in pepper sause300 g
  • Fish&Chips170/100/50 g
  • Roastbeef270 g
  • Grilled chicken fillet90/30 g
  • Snizzling chicken plate200 g
  • Sandwich with beef200 g
  • Greek sandwich200 g
  • Chicken and bacon roll200 g
  • Chicken and pesto roll260 g
  • Tuna sandwich260 g
  • Sandwich with roastbeef and ham260 g
  • Sandwich with smoked salmon200 g
  • Bruschetta with salmon160 g
  • french fries150 g
  • Mashed potatoes100 g
  • Green beens150 g